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Religious-Philosophical-Scientific Debates

Well, it seems that science and religion can not coexist in this world. At least not how they are now. Science tells us that the Big Bang and evolution exist; whereas, God does not. Religion tells us that God created the world and God made us along with all the other animals. So I guess I should start out by defining science and religion. Throughout this webpage, science will be the drawing of conclusions from observation and experiments (as well as theory). Religion will be defined as a viewpoint that believes in a god. This webpage will address some of the major religion vs science issues. It will also debate the existence of a god(s).

Science Vs. Religion Debates

This webpage will explain why the science side of these debates is correct, and the religious side of these debates is a weak attempt to salvage a dying belief system.

Evolution Vs. Creation


Many of you Creationists will try to claim that some of the things on these webpages are false. This just isn't the case. We scientists are really interested in the truth. We don't lie to protect our arguments. We don't have the priviledge of making up facts that Creationists do. In fact, I encourage the disbeliever of evolution to research these facts. You'll only find truth...

Big Bang Vs Creation

Free-Will Vs Determinism

Of faith and logic...

Is there Biblical errancy?

But is this really necessary? Just read the thing. It's got mistakes. It always amazes me how many Christians think the Bible is inerrant, but have not read the whole thing. They just assume the book is the word of God and has no mistakes. Think for yourself.

Existence of God Debates

From time to time, I'll participate in a formal written debate. These are transcripts of my debates. Additions will be made as the debate progresses.

Ben Brown - David Anderson Debate

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