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Body - GabbyDoda

Ben I think perhaps you will need to look into a class of hermenutics to attempt to give any kind of biblical thesis or intelligent on how the bible can be trusted. When you come into the evaluation of any book it is important to understand what the author is trying to convey. This is fair for any kind of book whether it is science, romance, religious or business book. In the instance of Christianity being able to be tested or the word of God tested is not the same as testing God. The test would be to check out if the land of Ninevah, Sodom, or Joppa did exist and were they in the area that the scriptures described. To this day the bible is used by archeologist and has been for over 1 thousand years. The other examples would be to see if loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek, forgiving as you would like to be forgiven, do not commit adultry and others are systems of belief that can stand the test of time as being good for one and civilization. It never ceases to amaze me that some very intelligent men and women forget that western civilization came about by Christian thinkers scientist that despite their belief of God used and in fact broke the ground for many of the thought processes in science today. You cannot take credit for the scientific thought processes just because you are a proponent of Atheism as this thought process belongs to man and God period. It is true in many of the backward countries of certain tribes the scientific mind does not exist as we know it but please do not insult your own intelligence by assuming Christians do not have this thought process. Einstein had a wonderful comment that carries alot of weight. He said of the sum total 100% of knowledge man must know less than 1%. But let us assume he knows 3% of all availble knowledge. It would be foolish with the remaining 97% that anyone can declare with any certainty that there is no God. You have listed some questions concerning the bible that are not new but are answerable. Incidently you can pick up books at the Christian Book Stores that can answer all the questions you have brought up in the web and others that are missed. I will make only a small attempt on just a few with just a memory of past questions i had answered. There have been questions on many issues in the bible for centuries that could not be answered but in later years were thanks to some archeological digs also. Judas did he hang himself or did his guts get splattered. It is common for persons who are hung to have their internals settle. If the tree in which he is hung is broken or he is cut down from the rope his entrails can and will literally spill onto the pavement or floor due to the weakening of the stomach wall or muscles. One statement does not rule out the other. In many court cases this is the type of legal mindset that must be done in the understanding of history or case. I can give you a name of a book by Josh McDowel that addresses over 300 tough questions on the bible if you are interested in getting good answers to old questions. I am not a big proponent of evolution which is the showcase of the ideology of atheist. I cannot believe that despite millions of fossils that have been taken and are currently being taken from digs they have not found any transitory fossils. What are the astronomical odds of finding millions of fossils for hundreds of years that go back hundreds and thousands of years and millions of years and we have yet to catch the missing link in any specie? If evolution is a fact i would say at least 2 to 3% of all digs would come up with the missing links. There are none zero zilch nada. Even the legenday Steven Hocking cannot deny the fact that he has seen the universe that has a beginning. Not a random evolution of the universe but a universe that he acknowledged has got to have a begining created by the big bang. Do yourself a favor and look to the Web page of Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons To Believe and again look for good answers to good questions. I feel that Atheist and Evolution is not science it is ideology in many instances. You mention that modern biology is based on evolution. Do you mean evolution as in the case of Neanderthal Man. Again here modern biology takes a back seat to DNA that proves Neanderthal was not in the family of Man. The Christian mind according to the scriptures knows the mind of God as we are indwelt with his spirit. We have received his laws and our ethics by the writers of the bible through the inspiriation of the holy spirit. You have your ethics with the combination of the Christion Judeo ethic wether you like it or not. You cannot make up your own ethics without being influenced by these Christian thought process. You have the benefits of the society and indeed the country that was forged by the Christian thought process. Many other countries do not have this thought process and are indeed hurting in every way. My question to you is much of the spiritual world is not and cannot be defined or proven just as the emotions cannot be proven unless you take into account the resulting actions of the emotions such as anger, love or hate. The biggest miracle or proof of the God of many of our forefathers is the result of many a hardened criminal that will turn his life around because he has felt the presence of the one called Jesus. This did not happen once or hundreds of times but everyday for at least 2,000 years and longer in the case of Jewish converts. You can say this is only histeria but the proof is there in isolated villages and cities for years and years. There are many things i cannot prove including love, hope and worry but they are common enough in man that we can all agree since we experience it. I do not want to worship a false idea nor do i have a fear that i need to lean on. Some will use Christianity to lean on like a drunk needs a lamp post. I need the lamp post for for the light it provides. Many christians do not believe the same as others and this is nothing to bragg about but just because they have some difference of opinions and levels theology does not mean the bible is at fault. Some have some preconceived notions and some changes due to cultic orientation but Jesus did not say all people will believe him no matter what. The bible can be simple enough for a 10 year old and cause a brilliant man to ponder for all his lifetime. Hope i didnt ramble too much.