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Introduction - GabbyDoda

Ben thank for the debate it gives me a chance to brush up on studies i normally would not be doing. I do not consider different thought to be an exercise against my person. Thank you for being considerate. I intend to show that the God of the bible exist not only in the minds and hearts of individuals since the dawn of time but there is a coherent reason why he is known. All scientist do not believe the same theories or accept the same formulas in matters of high science as the theologens are not in agreement in their studies of God. Both are weighty matters and the facts will be added and answers will be adjusted with more knowledge given. Science is man's attempt to interpret the facts of nature and Theology is man's attempt to interpret the words of the bible. both disciplines will require that we make adjustments and pull everything into consistency. What is unique about the Christian faith is that it does not engender a blind faith where you simply hope that it's true. According to Paul the apostle and Malachi and other writers of scripture is that God insist that we put him to the test. Test it and he will prove it to us. The Bible is the only holy book that dares to stick its neck out. I have heard of several instances of contradictions in the bible and we can go into these and give an explanation if you feel this will strengthen your position. I will try to refrain from giving you too much Christianese as i do not think it will be usefull or constructive. I will refrain from the faith aspect of this debate as i think it is not in your quiver of arrows so to speak. I will use logic as the early scientist who were Christians and believed that it was their responsibility to explain the things God has entrusted to us. It is wrong to assume that the earliest scientist were atheist by the way. The vast majority were believers. Many scientist today are believers and surprisingly many are in the majority although your professors will not accept that. I believe that the further we go into the light of science God will be revealed clearer and clearer every 6 months until the disbelief will be ideological and not scientific. I feel we are there in the case of evolution but that is another issue. I will be talking to you soon and i hope i wrote this ok. Let me know if there is anything i am structurally doing wrong in this debate.